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Savour the Greatest Culinary Experience You’ve Ever Tasted!

Enjoy Outrageously Juicy, Melt-in-Your-Mouth Sensual Flavours, with Every Morsel Delicately Prepared, Completely Fresh.

All Served Conveniently on Your Premises by Your Own Personal Chef

And now you and your guests, can be among the growing following of repeat connoisseurs who delight in this astonishing pampered gourmet chef experience at your next event... but only if you reserve your date... while it’s still available!

Relish The Pleasures Beyond Usual Catering Services...

If you are a lover of throwing parties or fancy an intimate dinner for two - prepare to have your life changed!

For some hosts who are new to managing all the food preparation details, you’ve just found the most sought-after service, beyond the usual catering, to completely put your mind at ease.

All planning, shopping, preparing, and serving is done for you... allowing you to freely celebrate and embrace every moment with your guests.

All Packages Include:

  • Custom Menu
  • Shopping for Fresh, Local, Organic Produce
  • In-Home Food Prep & Cooking (not pre-made catering)
  • High-Class Table Service
  • Full Clean-up

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From our first interaction, I knew Chef Kat would be the perfect person to carry out what we both needed and wanted for our wedding. She was well organized, personable, energetic and eager to please. We needed an “all-in-one” occasion, knowing we were leaving on a family vacation to Mexico the following morning.

Chef Kat followed through with every aspect of her commitment. She arrived on time, fully prepared and added her own personal flare to our occasion. She was accommodating to the last minute, preparing for us a beautiful array of decadence, introducing each course personally, and making our night amazing.

Would I recommend her? Absolutely yes, in a Mexican, (and Canadian) heartbeat.

Thank-you Chef Kat."

Jeri-Lynn and Trevor

Imagine this... when you take your first bite you’ll immediately realize you’ve just entered new unchartered waters of making your mouth water, your heart sing, and your guests will want to hug and kiss you... you’ll be so delighted you called me.

Best of all, as you indulge in each of these unbelievably succulent dishes made by hand with carefully selected ingredients, delivered right to your door, and prepared on your premises,... you’ll feel the deep sigh of relief when your event reaches the final hour because ... there’s absolutely no mess or clean up.

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Don’t procrastinate. When you look at everything that’s included, you’ll discover my spectacular service is offered at remarkably reasonable rates. So... I urge you again to immediately schedule your date now... as my calendar fills up fast.

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